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Distance Learning Programs


(Journalism & Mass Communication)

An BA in Journalism & Mass Communication is Fosters Critical Thinking, Media Literacy and ethical awareness, ensuring graduates can navigate the ever-evolving media landscape responsibly. The degree often includes internships and practical experiences, providing hands- on training and industry connections. Graduates can pursue roles as journalists, news reporters, content creators, media researchers, communication specialists, or public relations professionals. Overall, a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication offers a pathway to a dynamic and rewarding career in the media industry.


BBA Through Distance Education offers several benefits to students. It Provides flexibility and convenience, allowing individuals to pursue their education while balancing other commitments like work to personal responsibilities. Distance Education programs often offer flexible study schedules, allowing students to learn at their own pace. A BBA Degree equips students with a Comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business administration, including management, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship


BCA Degree equips students with a strong foundation in computer science and information technology. This knowledge prepares graduates for various career opportunities in the IT Industry, including roles in software development, database management, web development, system administration, and IT Consulting. BCA graduates possess skills in programming, problem-solving, data management, and software development, making them highly employable in the ever-expanding field of technology.

Distance UG Courses


(Journalism & Mass Communication)

MA (Journalism & Mass Communication) offers several benefits to students, It Provides advanced knowledge and specialized skills in the field of media and communication. This expertise enhances career prospects in various media sectors, such as journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, or digital media. The Program focuses on advanced reporting, research, writing, editing, and multimedia storytelling techniques, equipping graduates to excel in a rapidly evolving media landscape.


Completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) offers several benefits to students. Firstly, It equips them with a broad range of business knowledge and skills, providing a solid foundation for pursuing various career opportunities in the corporate world. The MBA Curriculum covers essential areas such as finance, marketing, operations, strategy, and leadership, enabling graduates to understand and navigate complex business environments.


M.Com Offers Several Benefits to students. It Provides specialized knowledge in the field og commerce, finance, accounting and business management. This expertise enhances career prospects in finance, banking, consulting, auditing and other related fields, An M.Com degree equips students with advanced analytical and quantitative skills, allowing them to effectively analyze financial data. Make informed decision, and develop financial strategies.

MA (English)

Completing a Master of Arts (MA) in English offers several benefits to students, Firstly, it deppens their understanding and appreciation of literature, language and critical thinking skills. This enhanced knowledge and analytical prowess can be applied to various career paths, including writing, editing, publishing, journalism, teaching, and communications.

MA (Psychology)

Completing a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology offers several benefits to Students . Firstly, it provides advanced knowledge and expertise in the field, which can enhance career prospects and open doors to a wider range of job opportunities. 

M.Sc (Data Science)

M.Sc (Data Science) offers several benefits to students, It provides advanced knowledge and skills in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling, This expertise is highly sought after in today’s data-driven world, opening up numerous career opportunities in industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and technology. The program equips graduates with large dtaasets, enabling them to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Distnce PG Curses

M.Sc (Mathematics)

M.Sc (Mathematics) offers several benefits to students. It provides advanced knowledge and expertise in various areas of mathematics, including pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematical modeling. This deep understanding of mathematical principles and techniques opens up diverse career opportunities in field such as finance, engineering, data analysis, research and academia. The program enhances critical thinking, problem-solving and analytics skills, which are highly valued in today’s data-driven and technology-driven world.

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