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In order to guarantee "Career by Choice" that is acknowledged/entitled by UGC, the GLA University's Centre for Distance and Online Education is a venture into the world of digital learning. It is committed to providing learners with an exceptional learning and career excellence through its promising courses with industry and domain specialization. It provides a comprehensive smart-learning experience, including live sessions, video lectures, and digital self-learning materials, to committed individuals looking for an accessible, reasonably priced, and high-quality education that satisfies industry standards to enhance their analytical abilities for the corporate workplace. The goal of the CIFA model is to produce top-notch programs.


The front-end alignment to enhance learning quality and the back-end alignment to ensure career excellence with worldwide academic partners and recruiting organizations are what make this program so captivating and interesting.


Students will be prepared through the ideas of knowing, doing, and being through the custom-made integrated industrial program. Its goal is to familiarize students with the current demands and specifications of the continuously growing primary sector across the globe.


Students who wish to expand or enhance their business knowledge, skills, and exposure to diverse industries may enroll in this program.


The combination of regional, international, and program-specific talents and qualities guarantees the maximum return on investment and lifelong learning

Our online platform is enhanced with genuine and captivating study material that has been carefully selected in consultation with industry experts and top educators. This content is ideal for recent graduates, entrepreneurs wishing to enhance their skills, and working professionals seeking better global career possibilities. It gives you the tools you need to develop a skill set in current market trends and real-world business scenarios, as well as opportunities to work in reputable corporate firms. It also allows you to match your career goals with your educational aspirations regardless of distance or nationality.

Director's Message


Our shared journey in the field of education is a reflection of how learning is evolving. We are aware that you have decided to follow your aspirations through online education, and we are here to help you along the journey.

Access to high-quality education is no longer restricted by geography in the modern world. GLA University's CDOE is dedicated to provide you an enhanced educational experience by bridging the gap between in-person and online learning environments. Our courses are painstakingly created to provide the same depth and caliber of instruction as our UG and PG programs offered on campus. I urge you to approach your studies with zeal and commitment.


We have faculty members and support staff available to help you succeed academically. You have access to our digital and human resources.

Recall that education is a lifetime journey rather than a destination. Your knowledge, abilities, and personal development are enhanced by each task, each lesson, and each contact. I want you to know that our staff is committed to making sure that your time at CDOE is rewarding, enriching, and empowering as you set out on your educational journey. Please get in touch if you have any queries, worries, or recommendations. We greatly value your input.


I am eager to see your successes because I have complete confidence in your abilities to succeed in your chosen industries. Remember that the knowledge and abilities you acquire at GLA University through CDOE will enable you to significantly impact both your life and the world as you pursue your aspirations.

I'm wishing you an amazing path that is full of learning, development, and achievement.


Programmes Offered

  • BCA (UGC-Entitled)
    The three-year Online BCA programme exposes students to industry and domain specialisations to match their passions. "Career by Choice" is the programme goal. CIFA (Co- Creation, Innovation, Focus, Alignment) model develops top-notch degrees.
  • MCA (UGC-Entitled)
    This programme rigorously covers industry-relevant topics to help students find a job and succeed as entrepreneurs or employees. This programme is based on best practices and industry-relevant skills.
  • MBA (UGC-Entitled)
    The Two-year Online MBA programme exposes students to industry and domain specialisations to match their passions. Our prime objective is to develop future qualified professionals through a comprehensive two-year postgraduate degree programme in the below-given specialisations: Marketing Management Human Resource Management Financial Management International Business Management Information Technology Management Operations Management Banking & Financial Services Business Analytics Retail Management Supply Chain Management
  • BBA (UGC-Recognized)
    The online BBA programme by GLA University is woven by industry experts to impart deep knowledge and develop leadership traits among learners. It is a combination of theory, practical knowledge application, and personality development. This BBA program offers an opportunity to acquire professional skills in the early stage of your management career. Specializations offered are: Human Resource Marketing Finance Banking & Insurance
  • B.Com (Hons.) (UGC-Recognized)
    This program's thorough treatment of issues pertinent to the business helps students land jobs and ensures they have a successful career as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur. This program was created after researching industry best practices and necessary professional competencies. Program development is done in consultation with regulatory agencies, certifying bodies, and technological partners, and involves experts from both industry and international business schools. This advanced program is taught by the top industry practitioners and academic members who have relevant industry experience. Among the creative tactics employed in the curriculum are learning outcomes with Accounting and Finance, Business Administration and Law, Applied Business Economics, Banking & Insurance, and International Business. Numerous courses in this program have a strong emphasis on application-based learning. This curriculum includes many courses that emphasise application-based learning. The curriculum of the programme is developed by industry professionals, and it is delivered by the best industry practitioners and professors from around the world who have relevant experience in the field.

Why GLA Online ?


Academic Learning

  • GLA Degree

  • Industry Oriented Certificate

  • ​Industry & Domain Specialization


Assured Career Transition

  • Continuous Mentorship Program


Industry Learning

  • Guest Lectures by Industry Stalwarts

  • Corporate Training

  • Industry Training

  • Social Training


Social Learning

  • Industry Visit

  • Social Immersion Projects

  • Online Platform Access


Career Transformation

  • Career Transformation Program

  • On Job Training

  • Simulation Setup


Peer Learning

  • Group Projects & Presentations

  • Alumni Group


Why 'GLA Online' Edge

Learning Outcomes


Degree You'll get a competitive edge with one of India's Top Universities with a degree


Social Immersion Project: You will have the chance to develop and learn outside of the traditional teaching setting.


Group Learning Projects: You will participate in-group action learning projects that will teach you about the effects that administrative decisions have on society.


Industry Project: During the program's final year, you will receive mentoring to tackle real-world issues through industrial projects.


Faculties with Global University Pedigree.


Become a GLA University graduate and take advantage of the chance to communicate with people from all around the world.


Access to career services like resume creation, practise interviews, career planning, skill development programmes, and links to the industry for employment.


Regular one-on-one coaching and tailored input on personal development from industry mentors.


Access to offline and online events and networking opportunities with former students, peers, and industry mentors from GLA University.

Our Differentiators

  • UGC recognized/Entitled degree

  • Strong product portfolio

  • Industry partner integration

  • Technology specialist with domain understanding

  • Job-focused learning path

  • Recognised industry tools

Our Delivery Framework

  • Four quadrant approach model

  • First-hand programming practical using latest tools.

  • Excellent feature of Online programming platform

  • Real-world case studies

  • Alumni networking & knowledge sharing

  • Multi-delivery Model

Jobs and Placements

Our distinct scientific approach to career management assists people in defining their career goals, reflecting on their values and motivations, creating a detailed strategy, and obtaining the necessary resources in order to reach those goals. We provide the following services as a part of the career-building process.


Planning a Career

Get access to industry experts' advice on the newest recruiting practices, skill analyses, and suggestions for creating a positive, applicable, and future-focused career action plan. Examine your abilities and capabilities, cultivate a sense of responsibility and ownership for your work, and determine the best course of action to reach your objectives.

Building a Resume
Individualized advice from professionals in the field to create a CV, cover letter, and 30-second video introduction that follows industry best practices and highlights accomplishments, applicable experiences, and skills for the desired position.

Practice Interview
One-on-one practice interview with a professional career counselor to evaluate preparedness for the intended organization and position in terms of both behavioral and practical skills. The career coach provided feedback throughout the mock interview to assist the candidate in revisiting their areas of weakness and focusing on their personal growth.


Job Search Support

  • Allocation of a resolute Job Search Consultant to each candidate and help them understand their profiles, preferences and create a skill portfolio per candidate

  • Creation of the list of potential employers, recruitment consultants and sharing of skill matrices

  • Identification of opportunities for the candidates

  • Potential employers to share the shortlist based on skill matrix and profiles

  • Regular follow up with potential employers and recruiters for the interview process.

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